why choose elite?

Our goal of offering our customers dedicated e-stores is simple.  We want to provide you with more time to focus on what you do best: operate your business!   What is an e-store?  Our design team will create a custom web portal that can be accessed by your employees to assist with ordering uniforms, apparel for annual outings, businesswear, or swag (both for sales-related and personal use).


Our stores aren't just for corporations.  Are you a non-profit organizaiton looking for an easy way to both raise money and build awareness?  Or a school that wants dedicated booster stores?  We've got you covered!  Our extensive design capabilities allow us to create best-in-class websites that will take your exposure to the next level, while providing users with a seemless retail experience.


We take the guesswork out of what can otherwise be a time consuming and frustrating process.  No more guessing sizes or manually tracking orders on spreadsheets.  Simply direct employees/donors to your dedicated store where they can register and order with a few clicks of a button.  From real-time order updates to shipping notifications, we keep customers informed every step of the way. 


Looking to offer employee rewards or annual uniform allowances?  We've got that covered too!  We can provide each employee with a customized store credit that can be used on-demand.   We also offer secure credit card processing that allows employees to buy items for personal use.  


What does a customized e-store cost?  Absolutely nothing!  We are pleased to offer this service for FREE!  We will work with you to coordinate the design, items to be listed, and the overall look and feel of the site.  Click here to learn more!





Step 1: tell us about yourself

To get started, we'll want to know more about your organization and goals.  Who will be using the site, how many users will you have, how will items be paid for, what designs will be offered, shipping options to be included, etc.

Step 2: stock your site!

Next, we will go through our extensive collection of apparel and swag to determine what items you would like to offer for sale.  We can even create separate pages for corporate-related items vs. items that can be purchased for personal use.

Step 3: web design

Our design team will work with you to create a site that matches the look and feel of your brand.  Have specific images or features that you want included?  No problem!  Dropdown thread color choices, imprint locations, and product star ratings are just a few of the many custom features that we can add. 

Step 4: testing

Once we create a draft webstore, we will have you try out the site and review all of the functionality and features.  It usually only takes us a few weeks to get to this point.  During testing, we can update/incorporate any additional features that you would like!

Step 5: start shopping!

Once approved, your store is ready to use!  Shop, add items to your cart, and order!  We will then produce your items and deliver/ship them in individual packages within 1-2 weeks.  It's that simple!

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